About Us

KHAKURO was established in 2007 by the founder, Ricco, the youngest son of a renowned rubber footwear factory that has been operating since 1960’s under his father and grandfather. The factory began it’s operation in Singapore, but later shifted to Malaysia because Ricco’s father invented one of the first generation of good rubber flip-flops and was eager to get close to the natural rubber resources which happened that Malaysia produces some of the best grade of natural rubber on the planet.

As a child, Ricco would have to test wear all his father’s new inventions and designs of various types of flip-flops, as well as frequently hanging around in the factory as if it was his playground, while watching his father at work. Very much inspired by the spirit of believing that many things in the world is a result of someone’s invention, Ricco eventually came in the path and continued the legacy of being one of the leading flip-flops manufacturer in Malaysia.

However, being just a continuance of someone’s legacy doesn’t seem to satisfy Ricco who has later dedicated himself so much and planted all his passion in developing and making something to what he believes to be the ultimate good flip-flop. Slightly after 7 years he was leading the company, experiments after experiments, failures after failures, the first generation of premium flip-flops were born in 2007, under the brand name, KHAKURO.

With its unique memory foam made up from a fine blend of Natural Rubber and EVA that deliver ultimate comfort as well as durability, KHAKURO made a strong presence as one of the most quality reliable footwear, despite its trendy and colorful designs. We call it the Ultimate EVR foam, a breakthrough compound for flip-flops, first introduced to the world by Ricco.

Backed by 60 years of experience in flip-flops making, and over 3 generations of manufacturing expertise, incorporated with modern technology and trend awareness, we sure know how to create a pair of good flip-flop to make every feet a happy feet.

“Flip-flop is not just a fashion but it’s a way of life. While most people think that flip-flops are crappy, nobody wants to put real effort in exploiting the best of what a pair of good flip-flop should and could be… so, we will do it!”        by Ricco @ 2007